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Beagle is a desktop search application which allows you to quickly search your documents, e-mails, photos and other files. The advantage of Beagle over the default search feature in Ubuntu (Places -> Search for files...) is that results are returned much more quickly and more types of file/information are searched for (for example, your calendar).

Beagle 是一个强大的桌面搜索工具,您可以用 Beagle 来搜索您的文档、电子邮件、相片等各种文件。它比 Ubuntu 缺省的搜索工具(位置 -> 搜索)(Places -> Search for files...) 更快,可以搜索更多的文件类型和信息(比如,您的日程表)。

See the Beagle project website for more information.

得到更多关于 Beagle 的信息请参考 Beagle 项目主页

Installing Beagle(安装 Beagle)

Beagle is not included by default in Ubuntu, so you must install it manually.

Ubuntu 系统缺省并不安装 Beagle,所以您需要进行手动安装。

  • Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake)
  • Click Applications -> Add/Remove... to start the Add/Remove Applications tool.
  • Tick the Show unsupported applications checkbox.
  • Search for 'beagle'. In the list of results which is displayed, an item called 'Search' should be displayed.
  • Tick the item called 'Search' and press the Apply button to install Beagle.
  • Once the installation process has completed, you can start the Search tool by clicking Applications -> Accessories -> Search.
    • 点击应用程序 -> 添加/删除... (Applications -> Add/Remove...)启动添加/删除程序。
    • 选中显示不支持的软件(Show unsupported applications)选项。
    • 搜索beagle。在搜索结果中,您可以看到搜索(Search)项。
    • 选中搜索(Search)项, 点击"应用"(Apply)按钮开始安装 Beagle。
    • 安装结束后您可以从选取菜单应用程序 -> 附件 ->搜索(Applications -> Accessories -> Search)来运行 Beagle 搜索程序。
  • Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger)
  • Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog)

Warning - these instructions have not been tested and may be incorrect.

警告 - 以下安装方式未经测试并可能存在错误

    • Enable the universe package repository. See the Repositories page for instructions.
    • Open a terminal and type sudo apt-get install beagle to install the beagle package and dependancies.
    • Alternatively, you can use the Synaptic Package Manager to select and install the beagle package.
  • 开启universe软件仓库,请参考软件仓库得到更多指南。
  • 开启终端,输入 sudo apt-get install beagle 来安装 Beagle 及其依赖的 deb 包。
  • 另外您可以用新立得包管理工具(Synaptic Package Manager)来安装Beagle。

The HoaryBeagleInstallHowto has additional information on installing Beagle under Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog).

如果您需要在 Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog) 上安装 Beagle,请参考 HoaryBeagleInstallHowto 。

Using Beagle(使用 Beagle)

There are several ways of performing a Beagle search.

您可以有多种方式来使用 Beagle 搜索。

Search Tool(搜索工具)

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缺省搜索工具 (应用程序 -> 附件 ->搜索)

When you install Beagle, the Search tool is installed automatically. You can start the Search tool by clicking Applications -> Accessories -> Search. Simply type your search into the box provided and press the Find Now button. You can limit your search to a specific type of document by selecting the desired type from the Search menu of the Search tool.

您安装完 Beagle 后搜索工具即已安装。您可以在菜单选取应用程序 -> 附件 ->搜索 来启动搜索程序,并在输入框中输入您要搜索的内容后点击立即查找(Find Now)按钮进行搜索。您可以使用搜索工具的搜索(Search)菜单来定制搜索的文件类型。

Kerry Search Tool Kerry(搜索工具)

Kerry is a Beagle search tool designed specifically for KDE, and so is recommended for use by Kubuntu users instead of Beagle's default tool. However, Ubuntu, Edubuntu and Xubuntu users can still install and use Kerry.

Kerry 是为 KDE 定制的 Beagle 搜索工具,如果您使用 Kubuntu 推荐您安装 Kerry 搜索工具取代 Beagle 缺省搜索工具。当然,无论是 Ubuntu 还是 Edubuntu 和 Xubuntu 用户都可以安装使用 Kerry 。

To start using Kerry, install the kerry package. See InstallingSoftware for instructions on how to install packages.

要使用 Kerry 请安装 kerry 软件包。 如何安装软件包请参考 InstallingSoftware 得到更多帮助。

DeskBar Applet(桌面栏)

Deskbar is a search box which is always available on one of your desktop panels. Deskbar can perform many different search types, including Beagle searches.

桌面栏是位于您的某个桌面面板上的工具栏。 桌面栏能进行各种类型的搜索,包括 Beagle 搜索。

To start using Deskbar, install the deskbar-applet package. Once installed, right-click the top or bottom panel and select Add to Panel... from the menu which appears. Then, simply drag the Deskbar item to a place on one of the panels.

要使用桌面栏请安装 deskbar-applet 软件包。安装完毕后请在您的某个桌面面板上右键点击鼠标,在弹出的菜单中选取添加到面板(Add to Panel...),在对话框中把 桌面栏 拖拽到您想放置的面板上即可。

Deskbar allows you to have a Beagle search as well as a Beagle Live search. The difference between the two options is that Beagle Live will use Beagle to search as you type. On the other hand, the Beagle search will simply display the option to launch the Beagle Search program for the text you entered into Deskbar. To use Beagle Live with Deskbar you must install the python-beagle package.

您可以用桌面栏进行 Beagle 搜索或者 Beagle Live 搜索。两者的区别是 Beagle Live会直接使用Beagle来搜索您的输入。而Beagle搜索只是显示一个选项来允许您启动Beagle搜索您在桌面栏中的输入。如果要在桌面栏中使用Beagle Live,您必须安装python-beagle包。

See InstallingSoftware for instructions on how to install packages.


Command-line tools(命令行工具)

Beagle can also be used from the command line. Click Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal to open a terminal. Type 'beagle' and then press the Tab key on the keyboard twice in rapid succession. This will display a list of Beagle command-line tools which you can use. For example, you can type beagle-query <search terms> (replace <search terms> with your own search terms) to perform searches from the command-line.

在命令行也能使用Beagle。点击应用程序 -> 附件 -> 终端(Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal)来打开一个终端。输入beagle然后连续快速按两下Tab键。这时,您可以看到Beagle命令行工具的列表。例如,您可以输入beagle-query <搜索项>将<搜索项>替换为您要搜索的内容)来己进行命令行搜索。

Web-Frontend Peagle(Web前端Peagle)

A web-based interface to Beagle is available. Called 'Peagle', it requires PHP and a web-server to be installed. Peagle is not currently available in any official Ubuntu software channel. For more information, see the Peagle project page.

还有一个基于web的Beagle界面。它的名字叫做Peagle,安装它需要先安装PHP和web服务器。Peagle现在没有包含在任何Ubuntu官方软件仓库里。得到更多关于Peagle的信息请参考Peagle project page

Applications which use Beagle(使用Beagle的应用软件)

Some applications are able to use Beagle to perform searches on certain types of file or information. Using Beagle instead of the application's own search function often has the advantage of returning results faster. Applications which can use Beagle searches often do so automatically (without your intervention) if the beagle package is installed.


Below is a short list of applications which can use Beagle searches:


  • System Documentation (yelp) - found in System -> Help -> System Documentation.
  • File Browser (nautilus) - open a directory (e.g. from the Places menu) and click the Search button.
  • 系统文档(yelp)-可以通过系统 -> 帮助 -> 系统文档System -> Help -> System Documentation)找到。
  • 文件浏览器(nautilus)-打开一个目录(可以从位置菜单),然后点击搜索Search)按钮。

Configuring Beagle(配置Beagle)

You can change various settings for Beagle using the Search & Indexing preferences tool. To start the tool, click System -> Preferences -> Search & Indexing.

您可以通过搜索和索引首选项工具来改变Beagle的设置。点击系统 -> 首选项 -> 搜索和索引System -> Preferences -> Search & Indexing)来启动这个工具。

Alternatives to Beagle(Beagle的替代品)

Beagle is just one of many desktop search applications compatible with Ubuntu. Below is a short list of other search applications you may like to try: